Basic Care of your kitten

Clean eyes with cotton pads and warm water


We feed Blue Wilderness dry food for kittens. We free feed it, so we always leave clean bowls with kibble available at all times.

We feed Blue Wilderness canned food twice a day.

We add pumpkin puree to maintain healthy bacteria and help their digestion.

We add L lysine to their food to help their eye health and respiratory system.

We use only ceramic bowls to serve their food and have clean and fresh water available at all times.

Please don't use plastic containers.


Persian kitties need to be bathed and groomed often to prevent matting and cleaning their eyes often is necessary.

To bathe in warm water once a month or when necessary 

step 1.-cover dry coat with Goop

step 2.- rinse goop and apply blue Dawn. If you are treating fleas leave shampoo for 7 minutes. rinse well.

3.-Dry, dry, dry, with hair drier. 

4.- Trim their nails. NEVER amputate their claws.

5.-You need a greyhound comb to comb out their mats. 


You are going to need one litter box or two. I suggest scented clumping litter. Clean litter boxes at least once a day and disinfect once a month for one or two cats. 

Vet care

In our contract it is stipulated that you must take your kitty to the vet within the first week of having him to make the guarantee valid. If you have any health issues and wish to contact us, we will share with you our experience if we have it in dealing with certain issues but having a vet that you like and trust for your kitty is important.

By six months of age you must neuter or spay your pet, and then you will receive his CFA registration.


Breeding is a big responsibility and an honor to have the legacy of many people who have worked to create the beautiful breed we enjoy and love. Ask for mentorship before deciding to breed in order to prevent the loss of entire litters due to inexperience. I like to breed to show, that means I won't just breed any animal, I carefully select my cats with the highest standards that I can reach always trying to better the race.

Toys & Cat Trees

These kitties need safe places to climb on to, so please provide cat trees. balls feather toys cardboard boxes etc...