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Our hobby

We love these beautiful Exotic shorthair cats, Persian cats, & Himalayan cats, they are so gentle and it is such a treat to live with these wonderful creatures. We have been blessed with very high quality cats from the top show catteries in the US, Germany, Ukraine  & Poland, who have entrusted us with these precious beings to get us started in our hobby, & show in CFA with integrity in a loving, ethical and wholesome manner.

We sometimes have kittens available to select homes and  programs.

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Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Persian cats, Exotic Shorthair cats, & Himalayan cats, should be tested for PKD and our Kings and Queens have all tested negative.  We feed high quality food with many additional supplements to ensure the best development in their growth, pregnancy, lactation, male health, optimal life and reproduction conditions. We enjoy a healthy cattery and provide fabulous kittens to their families.

A Furever Friend

These cats are very docile, they adapt to any kind of household easily. We have a teenager and two very young boys in our household as well as three dogs, these kittens are socialized to interact with kids and other animals. Exotic shorthair cats, Persian cats, & Himalayan cats, require cat trees to play on, special grooming and eye up keep. They are strictly indoor cats, and we do not allow our kittens to get declawed.

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Our Exotic shorthair cats, Persian cats, & Himalayan cats, are adopted quickly, so reach out to us to reserve your furever friend or if you have any questions. 


20079 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 1105-172, San Antnonio, TX 78258

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